MemHamWAN is a nonprofit building and maintaining a high-speed, redundant, compatible wide area network in the mid-south. With HamWAN, you can bring connectivity to remote areas and perform time sensitive wide area operations.

Radio Hobbyists

Augment your infrastructure and abilities with microwave networking

Emergency Responders

Fast alternate communications that integrates with your existing technologies

IT Professionals

An enterprise ecosystem for learning and experimentation

What can you do with it

The HamWAN is only as good as what's on it. Below are a few of the things we're offering today, though the full list can be seen on our network dashboard:

  • Nameservers ease of integration and convenience
  • Timeservers service precision and accuracy
  • IP Cameras
  • Some internet access no encryption or business as regulated by FCC

In addition, there are a number of services that you can access on our network offering a diversified path:

  • Voice over IP services like Hams Over IP
  • Hotspot connectivity to cover dead areas where amateur radio repeaters don't suffice