This week has been a fun week for the team. We received our letter of authorization from Amateur Radio Digital Communications Inc for our address space, and thanks to the folks at Threshold Communications and HamWAN PSDR, it is now being announced! This setup gets us right to the edge of HamWAN PSDR, so it’s convenient for working with them. For getting in/out to the rest of the internet, it’s sub-optimal due to the added latency (Seattle isn’t terribly close to Memphis). We still need to find a local partner to announce the space and bandwidth for edge routing.

Currently on network there is only the two edge routers (Memphis Metro’s and PSDR’s) and an NTP server setup using anycast, reachable at and

We’re shopping for an affordable server for our first cell site. Still on the to-buy list for cell 1 is: server, 2x sector antennas, and uplink PtP gear. Almost there!