Today, Michael KK4IOH, Ryan K0RET, Randy WB4LHD, and Sam (still unlicensed!) performed site maintenance at the SCO site in Midtown Memphis, TN. The work included the following:

  • Organizing the cabinet (which is a 19″ cabinet, by the way)
  • Installing a FlightRadar 24 (fr24) receiver, now known as “F-KMEM1” (, internet access limited due to cell uplink issues)
  • Moving sectors 2 (southeast) and 3 (southwest) to their own sections of strut
  • Installing waveguard shields on sectors 2 and 3
  • Adjusting sector 1 to have a 2 degree downtilt, sectors 2 and 3 to have a downtilt of 0 degrees (these two sectors have an intrinsic electrical downtilt of 2 degrees); this puts our range right around 0.5 miles and beyond, most likely topping out around 25 miles or so
  • Adjusting sectors 1, 2, and 3 azimuth to confirm 120 degrees separation and sector 1’s alignment on north
  • Installing a second switch, daisy chained off of the first; ideally we’d have a 10 port switch on site, like a RB2011; future?
  • Installing a PTZ waterproof network camera — not complete; it is powered and on the network, but it is sitting inside the cabinet; we didn’t have enough time to mount and run the TC-Carrier (, internet access limited due to cell uplink issues)
  • Continuing the battle against way too many hornets that swarm the tower

View on YouTube.

Additionally, we confirmed the alignment of the ptpret.sco sextant device; the link’s performance remains “barely there”, and we will continue to troubleshoot the link from the ptpsco.ret side. We are considering alternatives now, like using KK4IOH as an uplink, or delaying the uplink through a 2nd structure with a clearer path.

All in all, the cell site itself is now working significantly better, and we have two services on site (netcam and fr24). Feel free to connect as a client and access the services via RF! We recommend for a client that you use a Poynting 5.9 GHz 30 dBi grid antenna and a Mikrotik RouterBOARD Metal 5SHPn wifi radio. Configure your modem with the guide here.