Our November meeting minutes have been approved and the official version is accessible on Google Docs. As of this evening, the text is as follows:

HamWAN Board Meeting Minutes 11/12/2014 – 7:30 PM

  • Meeting called to order at 7:33 pm.
  • Bank account, 501(c)3, EIN, up and coming, high priority, RT will try to have done by end of week (11/16).
  • Everything is on network; IRC balancer & GIS server, and SIP Asterisk server.
  • Cell Site officially launched at SCO.
  • Possibly add more equipment to site, want to expand network out east. Also install camera.
  • Meeting with CrossTown Arts on Thursday
  • Hoping to get Network Connectivity at Crosstown Arts Location
  • Waiting to reach out to Ritter again until we have grown
  • St. Jude event participation is delayed, instead we’ll mimic the event and do our own plan.
  • Temporary backhaul discussed, options to route through two other nodes in case that option does not pan out
  • No progress towards insurance, vanity, or affiliation; maybe escalate down to the assistant delta division director to check status of these things
  • Progress coming tomorrow from meeting with CTN staff; needs to make sure that we ask for not only 5.8 ghz, but also 900 mhz and 440 mhz
  • New business: we spoke more with a corporate sponsor, the contact continues to look promising; further prioritizes 501c3
  • Cliff motions to close at 8:20 pm, Michael 2nds