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  • MemHamWAN Expands to Raleigh with New Site on Methodist North Hospital

    On February 13, 2016, HamWAN Memphis Metro along with partner Delta Amateur Radio Club deployed a new cell site at Methodist North Hospital. This site is the third such site to be deployed in the region, and soon much of the Delta Amateur Radio Club’s infrastructure present at the hospital will be brought on network. “We’re excited to have another regional hospital host our equipment,” says Ryan Turner, President of HamWAN Memphis Metro.

  • A Year of East Memphis Coverage

    This day in 2015, HamWAN deployed cell site equipment to their east Memphis cell site. Since then, we’ve added a 720p IP camera, another point-to-point link, network connectivity for a D-Star repeater, and a server has come and gone (due to climate control and power issues, it wasn’t the best site for a server). We continue to offer thanks to Tri-State Repeater Association for taking the equipment and hosting it for us at one of their existing sites.

  • 2016 Expansion Preview

    Good things are coming up for MemHamWAN. It’s our second year existing as an organization, and we’ve just passed out 20th contributing member. Thanks to support from everyone, 2016 will be a big year.

  • HamWAN Presents to Nashoba ARC

    On November 9, 2015, Cliff NS4B, Ryan K0RET, Sam K4SOF, and Micahel KK4IOH of HamWAN Memphis Metro presented about HamWAN to the Nashoba Amateur Radio Club.

  • HamWAN and Tri-State Repeater Launch VHF D-Star Repeater in East Memphis

    KK4IOH Michael Knight

  • MemHamWAN Announces Backbone Network Expansion

    In August of 2015, HamWAN Memphis Metro is improving their high-speed wireless data network by making it more resilient to power and connection outages, and by decreasing network latency.

  • Ground Surveys Show Unexpected 5 Ghz Mid-Range Options

    HamWAN Memphis Metro’s second cell site was installed in East Memphis recently, but little investigation on its coverage had been completed before this weekend. Three new ground-level surveys were completed from the North side of the cell site, all supporting greater than 5 Mbps throughput. The surveys have been added to our coverage map, which is located on our website under the Solutions link. At State Rd and Mullins Station Rd (7 km air distance) using a Sextant at 5′ AGL a -76 dB signal was received, which supported 9 Mbps of TCP traffic. At the East Memphis Bass Pro Shops (8 km air distance) using a 31 dB dish at 7′ AGL, a signal which supported 5.7 Mbps of TCP traffic was received. Finally, at US 70 and Ferrell Drive (10 km air distance) using a 31 dB dish at 7′ AGL, a -77 dB signal was received supporting 10.8 Mbps of TCP traffic.

  • Network Provider Ritter Communications Establishes Local Connectivity with MemHamWAN

    Thursday June 4th 2015, HamWAN Memphis Metro installed their first locally-peering edge router with Ritter Communications. Located in Millington, TN, the edge router will provide lower latency access to the internet, while also reducing the hops between HamWAN’s internal network and network carriers.

  • HamWAN Members Meeting

    We’re having another members meeting! It will be taking place on Wed, June 17, 18:30 – 20:00. It will be located in BEC rooms 3,4 & 5 at Baptist Memphis Education and Conference Center, 6027 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120, United States. For more details, please visit our calendar page for the event. Also, to preview the presentation, please visit it here on our Google Drive.

  • Memphis Field Day 2015

    HamWAN Memphis Metro will be at the combined mid-south field day this year! We’ll have a tent setup, demoing our project to the public. We’ll also be offering HamWAN-provided public WiFi and a number of VoIP phones for the different operating stations.

  • MemHamWAN Expands Network With Second Cell Site
  • 3 Days of Talks and Q&A: HamWAN at Dayton Hamvention 2015

    For the uninitiated, Dayton Hamvention is the big event annually in amateur radio. It’s a 3 day event in Dayton, Ohio, USA that for the last few years has had over 24,000 people in attendance; that’s about five times as large as most technology shows. This year, we were lucky enough to have Bryan Fields, a Senior Engineer with Alcatel-Lucent, to present about HamWAN to an audience of about 300.

  • Presentation to MARA on 7 May

    MARA president and meeting chairperson Dennis Foster KJ4BDU speaking to the group before the presentation.

  • Memphis Freefest 2015


  • Le Bonheur Site Survey and Partial Install

    On this past Sunday, Ryan, Michael, Sam, and Forrest visited Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to perform a site survey and begin an installation of HamWAN equipment. This location is nearby our existing Southern College of Optometry (SCO) site, but it is slightly higher, requires no tower climbing, and has emergency power.

  • Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club

    24 licensed hams were in attendance

  • How Winter Weather Impacts HamWAN: The Past Two Weeks in Review

    Over the last two weeks, Memphis has had some severe weather. While the MemHamWAN network is still small, it does have a pair of point-to-point links and a cell site, with equipment deployed at 3 separate sites currently.

  • Board Meeting Minutes 2/4/2015 – 7:30 PM

    (Members present:) Cliff Gurlen, Ryan Turner, Michael Knight, Forrest Edwards

  • PtP from SCO to HIL is now installed


    Today, K0RET, K4SOF, K4VIA, and KK4IOH installed the link connecting the Southern College of Optometry (SCO) and our East Memphis (HIL) cell sites. The link is comprised of a Ubiquiti 5G30 dish and Mikrotik Netmetal on each side. It is the first 802.11 ac link in our network, dual polarity with 80 MHz channel width. It operates as an FCC part 15 link, encrypted and unrestricted from part 97 regulations.

  • Your Dollars At Work! PtP Equipment for SCO to HIL Link On Hand


    Thanks to your generous donations, we now have equipment to complete the link between the Southern College of Optometry cell site and the future East Memphis cell site! The hardware includes:

  • Board Meeting Minutes 1/7/2015 – 7:30 PM

    (Members present:) Cliff Gurlen, Ryan Turner, Michael Knight, Forrest Edwards

  • Magnolia Intertie Repeater Workshop Presentation – 1/24/15

    2015-01-24Today, Michael KK4IOH and Ryan K0RET presented to the Magnolia Radio Intertie group of the state of Mississippi about HamWAN. They spoke specifically about the deployment currently in place in the Memphis Metro and how the technology could be applied alongside the Magnolia Radio Intertie group’s infrastructure.

  • First HamWAN Members Meeting

    Hey folks,

  • MemHamWAN Adds VoIP Repeater Capabilities with new Allstar Node 41557

    Over the weekend, HamWAN Memphis Metro, Inc setup Allstar hub node 41557. This will serve network users who have Allstar nodes as a direct hub. The hub is running on a portable virtual machine, allowing easy duplication and migration as needed to meet user demand. Additionally, the existing voip server on HamWAN has been integrated with Allstar! Extension 8201 connects to the Allstar hub.

  • HamWAN Board Meeting Minutes 12/3/2014 – 7:30 PM

    (Members present: Ryan Turner, Cliff Gurlen, Michael Knight, Forrest Edwards)

  • MemHamWAN is having its first members meeting!

    On January 21, 2015 7pm at 2804 Bartlett Road #2, Memphis, TN, HamWAN Memphis Metro will hold its first members meeting! We’ll have a meet-and-greet, a quick presentation on what HamWAN is, and then in-depth Q&A. Be sure to RSVP ahead of time and make a snack recommendation! We hope to see you there!

  • Surveying from Crowley’s Ridge
  • Presenting to Tipton County Preppers Friday Dec 19

    HamWAN will present to the Tipton County Preppers and Tipton Amateur Radio Society on December 19th at 7pm at the Atoka City Hall. We will have a meet and greet, a 30 minute presentation, and a detailed Q&A session with equipment on hand. We hope to see you there! Be sure to RSVP if you plan to attend. We’ll be sure to get a video of the presentation as well as release the slides, though they’re no substitute for showing up in person!

  • MemHamWAN is now a 501c3

    irs-300x269HamWAN Memphis Metro is now an officially recognized charitable organization! This was granted late November, but we’ve still not shown up in the IRS’s EO tool. Nonetheless, here’s the exciting part:

    “We’re pleased to tell you we determined you’re exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to you under IRS Section 170. You’re also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.”

  • November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

    Our November meeting minutes have been approved and the official version is accessible on Google Docs. As of this evening, the text is as follows:

  • Presentation at Tri-State Repeater Association Meeting

    This morning, Ryan K0RET, Michael KK4IOH, and Cliff NS4B presented to the Tri-State Repeater Association of Collierville, TN about MemHamWAN’s operations in cooperation with Tri-State. Over twenty regional hams were in attendance, and HamWAN was discussed eagerly among the audience members.

  • Oct 26 SCO Site Maintenance

    Today, Michael KK4IOH, Ryan K0RET, Randy WB4LHD, and Sam (still unlicensed!) performed site maintenance at the SCO site in Midtown Memphis, TN. The work included the following:

  • Midtown Memphis Cell Site Live!

    IMG_20141019_175735~2In cooperation with Tri-State Repeater Association, HamWAN Memphis Metro is pleased to announce the deployment of our first cell site, located in midtown Memphis, TN.

  • Hardware Install on First Cell Site Started

    Earlier last week we began the hardware installation on our first cell site! Saturday we’ll continue installation. We hope to have the site operational by the end of the weekend, with KK4IOH Michael as our first initial user. The sector antennas will be at about 150 ft AGL, 435 ft MSL. We’ll have an entire cabinet to ourselves, so eventually we’d like to install a UPS, server, and rack mount switch. Initially, we’ll just have a switch and the radios. We’ll be going back to install an ADSB/transponder/GPS receiver and decoder appliance provided by FlightRadar24.

  • Progress Update on First Site: Equipment Mounted, Being Tested

    Sector antennas and PtP link mounted on their masts.

  • September Board Meeting Minutes

    Please find below the meeting minutes for our September board meeting:

    HamWAN Board Meeting Minutes for meeting on 9/4/2014 – 7:30 PM

  • August Progress: First Network Services

    An example graph of network traffic on the WAN port of our edge router; nearly all of this traffic so far is “white noise” from automated attackers and scanners on the internet.

    In August 2014, HamWAN Memphis Metro, Inc began installing the infrastructure necessary to allow for the impending cell site deployments in the greater Memphis, TN region. The following is a brief overview of those activities:

  • First Board Meeting

    Earlier this month, HamWAN Memphis Metro held its first board meeting! This is a short post notifying of this occurrence — read the meeting minutes here.

  • This week’s progress: BGP announcement, edge-router 1, and NTP!

    This week has been a fun week for the team. We received our letter of authorization from Amateur Radio Digital Communications Inc for our address space, and thanks to the folks at Threshold Communications and HamWAN PSDR, it is now being announced! This setup gets us right to the edge of HamWAN PSDR, so it’s convenient for working with them. For getting in/out to the rest of the internet, it’s sub-optimal due to the added latency (Seattle isn’t terribly close to Memphis). We still need to find a local partner to announce the space and bandwidth for edge routing.

  • What is “Memphis Metro”?

    Memphis Metro CountiesIt’s in the name, but different people may have different ideas of what it means. Officially, it’s a Metropolitan Statistical Area defined by the United States Office of Management and Budget known fully as “Memphis, TN-MS-AR Metropolitan Statistical Area”. It is made up of the following counties:

  • User Coverage Map: How is it Made?

    Today I document how I generate my coverage maps, and I want to take my maps a step farther to calculate which amateurs fall in the coverage area. I’ll describe the complete process using a potential cell site “Crosstown”.

  • Status report: sites, organization, and edge

    Our first cell site is about half way purchased, and we’re currently meeting with potential site owners to discuss arrangements. Our site planning checklist is available here. We have a few potential options in the Midtown region, for which our coverage would look similar to this:

  • Presentation at Memphis D-STAR, February 2014

    On February 8 2014, Ryan K0RET presented to Memphis D-STAR about HamWAN Memphis Metro. We originally anticipated having a video of this presentation, but the quality was poor due to no lighting. As a result, instead we’ve attached a PDF of the slides that he presented. After the slides, Ryan demonstrated a miniature network, made up of a partial cell site and two nodes. With this, he demonstrated pinging between the two nodes, RouterOS’s built in bandwidth test between a node and the core router, a 50 MB file transfer via FTP, MJPG streaming of a 1080p webcam, and raw IQ streaming of an SDR. After this, there was a 25 minute Q&A session, in which Bart and Nigel of HamWAN PSDR participated via Google Hangouts. Questions ranged from how the network could potentially be used in amateur contesting to how does NV2 cope with multipath fading.