In August of 2015, HamWAN Memphis Metro is improving their high-speed wireless data network by making it more resilient to power and connection outages, and by decreasing network latency.

A network’s resilience is “the ability of the network to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of various faults and challenges to normal operation” (The ResiliNets Research Initiative). As HamWAN’s network is built to be used in emergency situations, it must withstand wide-spread disasters.

Decreasing network latency is possible thanks to the introduction of new point-to-point wireless links between HamWAN’s two cell sites and their edge router with Ritter Communications. “We expect that these links will reduce all connectivity between our network and the internet by 55 ms; this is a drastic improvement over what we have today” says president Ryan Turner.

There will be four work days to complete the work, which includes adding two new point-to-point links, moving one end of a point-to-point link, adding battery backup to the last site, and installing more reliable networking and power equipment.

Turner adds, “These changes are all thanks to financial contributions by our members and corporate sponsors. As always, having partner businesses that share our vision for an educational, experimental, emergency wireless network in the mid-south. The first phase of this project is fully funded, with additional work planned in future months to further increase performance.”

HamWAN Memphis Metro also has planned network expansion through introducing another cell site by the end of the year, increasing user coverage. HamWAN is looking for volunteers to help with the work days and always welcomes new members to join. For more information, visit