Over the weekend, HamWAN Memphis Metro, Inc setup Allstar hub node 41557. This will serve network users who have Allstar nodes as a direct hub. The hub is running on a portable virtual machine, allowing easy duplication and migration as needed to meet user demand. Additionally, the existing voip server on HamWAN has been integrated with Allstar! Extension 8201 connects to the Allstar hub.

We look forward to more Allstar infrastructure coming online soon. Once there are active nodes on the network, we will do demonstrations of the capabilities of this VoIP based repeater solution.

Allstar Link Node 41557 -- KM4ECM -- RET, Memphis, TN, United States
*1 	=>	  Link Disconnect
*2 	=>	  Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3 	=>	  Link Connect
*4 	=>	  Remote Comand
*70 	=>	  Link Status
*71 	=>	  Disconnect All Links
*72 	=>	  Last Node To Key
*73 	=>	  Full Link Status
*74 	=>	  Reconnect Links
*5 	=>	  DTMF Shortcuts
*75 	=>	  Link Connect (Local Monitor Only)
*80 	=>	  System Info
*81 	=>	  Time
*980 	=>	  App_rpt Version
*99 	=>	  Phone PTT