On this past Sunday, Ryan, Michael, Sam, and Forrest visited Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to perform a site survey and begin an installation of HamWAN equipment. This location is nearby our existing Southern College of Optometry (SCO) site, but it is slightly higher, requires no tower climbing, and has emergency power.

Initially, they deployed a pair of point-to-point links, acting as the middle hop between RET and SCO. In the near future, the majority of SCO’s equipment will be moved to LEB, leaving a client node on site to bring connectivity to Tri-State Repeater’s infrastructure that is there. Moving the site to Le Bonheur will provide better coverage and also bring power to Memphis Amateur Radio Association (MARA)’s colocated infrastructure.

As this site is located within about 100 feet of an active heliport (used multiple times a day!), as well as on top of a building that we cannot drill into, we have some unique mounting obstacles. We must used a nonpenetrating mount that supports a rather high windload. We’re still engineering that, trying to find the most cost effective solution.