On February 8 2014, Ryan K0RET presented to Memphis D-STAR about HamWAN Memphis Metro. We originally anticipated having a video of this presentation, but the quality was poor due to no lighting. As a result, instead we’ve attached a PDF of the slides that he presented. After the slides, Ryan demonstrated a miniature network, made up of a partial cell site and two nodes. With this, he demonstrated pinging between the two nodes, RouterOS’s built in bandwidth test between a node and the core router, a 50 MB file transfer via FTP, MJPG streaming of a 1080p webcam, and raw IQ streaming of an SDR. After this, there was a 25 minute Q&A session, in which Bart and Nigel of HamWAN PSDR participated via Google Hangouts. Questions ranged from how the network could potentially be used in amateur contesting to how does NV2 cope with multipath fading.

We hope that those who attended the presentation found it interesting and informative. If your organization is in the Memphis Metro area and would like for us to present, we would be eager to! Reach out to us using the contact page.

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