HamWAN Memphis Metro’s second cell site was installed in East Memphis recently, but little investigation on its coverage had been completed before this weekend. Three new ground-level surveys were completed from the North side of the cell site, all supporting greater than 5 Mbps throughput. The surveys have been added to our coverage map, which is located on our website under the Solutions link. At State Rd and Mullins Station Rd (7 km air distance) using a Sextant at 5′ AGL a -76 dB signal was received, which supported 9 Mbps of TCP traffic. At the East Memphis Bass Pro Shops (8 km air distance) using a 31 dB dish at 7′ AGL, a signal which supported 5.7 Mbps of TCP traffic was received. Finally, at US 70 and Ferrell Drive (10 km air distance) using a 31 dB dish at 7′ AGL, a -77 dB signal was received supporting 10.8 Mbps of TCP traffic.

A survey to the south-west sector was completed as well. This took place on the top level of the Oak Court Mall parking garage, receiving about -76 dB signal and in excess of 10 Mbps of TCP traffic.

We’re pleased to learn the capabilities of our system with mobile and portable stations. It seems so far that our new East Memphis site is reachable 6+ miles away from the ground so long as you are free from immediate obstructions (those that are within 200 ft) and on level or slightly higher ground.