For the uninitiated, Dayton Hamvention is the big event annually in amateur radio. It’s a 3 day event in Dayton, Ohio, USA that for the last few years has had over 24,000 people in attendance; that’s about five times as large as most technology shows. This year, we were lucky enough to have Bryan Fields, a Senior Engineer with Alcatel-Lucent, to present about HamWAN to an audience of about 300.

After the presentation, Bryan and Ryan then answered questions and discussed the project with hundreds of people at the TAPR booth. They spoke with a variety of people — from those who didn’t even have internet at home to network engineers.

It was a great success — people really seemed interested in our project, and we really got the word out to folks. I had people from all over talk excitedly about getting their own network up and running. -Ryan Turner, K0RET

Thanks to some example hardware, including a client node and a sector setup, they were able to show some key differences between the HamWAN project and other data networking projects.

Next year, HamWAN looks forward to having a larger presence. HamWAN Memphis Metro, Inc has set as a goal to have a COW on site for Hamvention 2016.