Good things are coming up for MemHamWAN. It’s our second year existing as an organization, and we’ve just passed out 20th contributing member. Thanks to support from everyone, 2016 will be a big year.

The network – today and tomorrow.


In 2016, we hope to triple our network presence. Four additional sites, providing approximately 3,000 square miles of coverage (assuming about a 15 mile range of each site). We’re excited that two of these sites are already fully funded and in the final stages of preparation (Raleigh and Downtown Memphis), and three additional potential sites have already been identified.


Edge network stability and performance is also a top priority, and the network operations team has identified two realistic endpoints that can replace our existing edge uplink.

snapshot (2)

Image captured by our new IP Camera in east Memphis; it needs a bit of focusing, but it’s a great start! The building in the distance is Clark Tower, and to the left of that is the downtown Memphis skyline.


2016 will also mean new network services like IP cameras, weather stations, and other biometric monitors (climate, air quality, radiation). We’ve already begun this by adding a network camera at our east Memphis site. This hardware will raise the cost of each site, but it will make each site more useful to our end users.


In 2016, we will get at least half of our contributing members on our network. In addition, we plan to triple our network operations team, and further grow our physical plant team. We intend to do this by engaging other technology groups that we have not interacted with in the past.

2016 will see incredible growth of HamWAN. Help us by becoming a member today!